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What is a cataract?
Cataract is the name given to a cloudy lens of the eye.
Cataract results in less light entering into the eye.
The available light becomes scattered and poorly focused.

What causes cataracts?
Most cataracts are a consequence of age.
Cataract formation is more common with diabetes and some eye problems.
e.g. past episodes of eye inflammation or an injury.
Corticosteroid medications can contribute to the development of cataracts.

What is cataract surgery?
Cataract surgery is undertaken to remove the cataract and restore clear vision.
During surgery the clouded lens is removed and replaced with a clear artificial
lens (also known as the intraocular lens or IOL).
Laser cataract surgery
makes use of the
femtosecond laser to enable a blade free surgery.

Why undergo cataract surgery?
Cataract surgery is available to patients if cataract formation is causing blurring
of vision which impairs common activities such as driving or reading. The
improved vision after cataract surgery should enable a better quality of life and
reduce the chance of accidents or injuries due to failing eyesight.

About cataracts
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